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RE-AZ Series - Wire Rod Block Guides

Wire Rod Block Guides : RE-AZ Series


Primarily used in the high-speed block of wire rod mills and some multi-strand slit rolling systems. Guide roller adjustment is achieved by a simple ‘pressure’ screw method. These guides are normally adjusted in the workshop, using a special setting device. These, setting, devices may be mechanical or optical. The speed range is from 10m/s to 120m/s dependent upon the type of bearing utilised. Guide roller materials vary widely with product velocity and required service.

Guide Features

  • Cast 300 series or 400 series stainless steel guide body and leaves.
  • A special guide holder is required to install the guide onto the wire rod block module.
  • Special multi-strand guide holders are available for 2, 3, 4 and 5 strand operation.
  • Cast SG iron or stainless static steel inserts guide the stock into the guide rollers.
  • Large bell mouth static inserts are available.
  • FPA adjustment systems are available as required.