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DSS - Delivery Section Stripper Series - Friction Guides

Friction Guides : DSS - Delivery Section Stripper Series


Specially designed for ‘section’ rolling. The guide utilises a ‘balanced stripper’ design to maintain contact with the roll pass. The stripper guide elements are adjustable in relationship to the roll pass. For ‘edging’ passes, stripper knives or blades are attached to the main guide elements. This feature is essential for the safe ‘stripping’ of material from deep edging passes when producing standard I-beam and universal beams.

Guide Features

  • SG ductile iron or cast carbon steel guiding elements.
  • Balanced stripper guiding elements for controlled close pass contact.
  • Hardened stripper pivot pins.
  • Hardened steel stripper blades for deep grooves.
  • Adjustable positioning of the stripper elements to the roll pass.
  • Adjustable anti-bounce stop-bolts.