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SG - Sizing Guide Series - 4 Roller Special Guides

4 Roller Special Guides : SG - Sizing Guide Series


Available in a 2 Roller, horizontal design and a 4 Roller, horizontal – vertical design. The guide rectifies“out of round” and “ovality” problems of round bars along with twisting and “crossed – rolls” errors of square sections.

Available in sizes to process 10mm through 100mm bars. May produce bars to 0.25 of standard.

Guide Features

  • Cast stainless or carbon steel body. Dependent on the guide size and client requirement.
  • Cast iron stripper nozzles to suit product size.
  • Single-point simultaneous and individual adjustment to the working rolls to provide ease of gap setting.
  • Nitride hardened and ground roller bearing shafts.
  • Large taper roller bearings protected from the ingress of mill scale and water.
  • Positive bearing setting adjustment for longer bearing life.
  • Working roll material varies according to client requirement. Standard roll material D6 tool steel.