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Adaptor Plate (Fine Pass Adjustment) - Adaptor Plate (FPA)

Adaptor Plate (FPA) : Adaptor Plate (Fine Pass Adjustment)


Hollteck Fine Pass Adjustment, FPA, system is used to provide an easy method for the rolling mill operator to set the guides accurately on the roll pass centreline.

The normal adjustment range, of the FPA system, either side of the centreline, is 5mm.

FPA adjustment is normally utilized at the entry side of the rolling mill pass for rounds and square bars. And is essential for the alignment of roller entry guides for control of former and dogbone sections, when multi-slit rolling.

The system is especially important when aligning roller slitter guides to the slitting passes and the precise alignment of entry guides for the production of angle products.

To assist in alignment special optical or mechanical devices are employed.

Guide Features

  • Carbon steel or stainless adapter base.
  • Bronze or brass adjusting half-nut.
  • Heat-treated, SAE 4140, FPA adjusting screw with acme type thread.
  • Adjusting screw may be supplied with a male square and/or female hexagon socket.
  • Sliding surfaces are grooved to assist in the distribution of lubricant.
  • Provision may be supplied for 2, 3, 4, and 5-strand operation.
  • Special spring loaded clamps may be supplied for some applications.