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REA – 3 Roller Angle Series - 3 Roller Special Guides

3 Roller Special Guides : REA – 3 Roller Angle Series


Specifically designed for controlling the leader and pre-leader sections for angle and channel production. The 3-Roller control provides a positive alignment with the roll pass ensuring accurate dimensions for both ‘legs’ of equal and unequal angles. An added advantage is the ability to apply pressure to form the apex of the finished angle products.

Guide Features

  • Adjustable, horizontally and vertically, top roller.
  • Single point simultaneous, eccentric bearing pin adjustment to bottom guide rollers.
  • Cast A2 or 4140 carbon steel guide parts.
  • Ductile iron entry guide, cast SG iron entry bell mouth inserts.
  • D-6 tool steel guide rollers. Alternatively, H-13, D-2 or D-3 tool steel.
  • Wear parts are made from corrosion resistant materials.
  • Bearing pins and gears are hardened and ground for long operating life and wear resistance.
  • Rugged taper roller bearings sealed against the ingress of mill scale and water contaminants.
  • “Straight” bearing pins for ease of assembly and maintenance.
  • Lateral top guide roller adjustment allows easy transition from equal angle format to unequal angle format.