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ES - Entry Static Series - Friction Guides

Friction Guides : ES - Entry Static Series


Simple entry guides designed for the entry of round, square and flat bars into the receiving oval and flat passes. The guides are of a cassette design and are contained in a guide holder with a circular bore. They are available in single and multiple, 2, 3, 4 and 5, strand versions.

Guide Features

  • The guides consist of two separate cast halves, which are profiled to accept the appropriate section.
  • A variety of materials may be supplied for the guide halves. Ductile SG iron, stainless steel and cast carbon steel. The choice of guide insert materials depends on the service expected.
  • Replaceable wear pieces are available for some designs.
  • The guide box or guide holder may be a casting, for multiple versions or machined from a solid block.
  • Guide box materials may be stainless steel or cast carbon steel.
  • Cooling water is fed into the guide halves through the guide box.
  • Special guide boxes, with fine pass adjustment, are available for use in a high-speed wire rod block.