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CS – Channel Straightening Series - 2 Roller Special Guides

2 Roller Special Guides : CS – Channel Straightening Series


The CS guide is used to correct the as rolled leg angle of standard channels. The object is to allow the finished channel to be produced with included leg angles of up to 5°. This provides more economy when re-dressing the finishing mill rolls.

The guide is available in a range of sizes to accommodate standard channels to 250mm.

Guide Features

  • Cast steel or ductile iron guide body.
  • Cast ductile iron stripper guide bodies.
  • Replaceable nosepieces for economy.
  • Single-point adjustment to each working roll to provide ease of gap setting.
  • Nitride hardened and ground roller bearing shafts.
  • Large taper roller bearings protected from the ingress of mill scale and water.
  • Positive bearing setting adjustment for longer bearing life.