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RT-1CS/4/5 Series - 4 Roller Slitter Guides

4 Roller Slitter Guides : RT-1CS/4/5 Series


A roller slitter guide designed for the slit rolling production of reinforcing bars. This guide may be used for the slitting of four strand or five strand re-bars. The guide is installed on the mill stand rest bar using a special guide holder. The guide holder is equipped with a FPA (Fine Pass Adjustment) system for accurate alignment with the receiving roll pass.

Guide Features

  • Cast stainless steel body.
  • Simple single point simultaneous guide roller gap adjustment.
  • High capacity taper roller bearings for bar mill operation.
  • Hardened steel and wear resistant components where required.
  • Supplied with a quick change mounting, using a guide holder. Non-holder types are also available for some restricted situations.
  • All slitter guides are recommended to be used with an FPA system.