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RE-WBF Series - 4 Roller Entry Guides

4 Roller Entry Guides : RE-WBF Series


Designed as a finishing guide for SBQ (Special Bar Quality) bar production, the 'rugged' design of the RE-WBF provides the necessary support to control close tolerance bars. The use of this particular guide is recommended together with a Stabilizer Guide for accurate control when multi-strand slitting.

The guide range covers sizes for 6mm through 100mm rounds and square SBQ alloy and stainless steel quality bars.

Guide Features

  • Rigid cast stainless steel or, for large sizes, carbon steel guide body for non-flexing, accurate guiding for Special Bar Quality (SBQ) rolling.
  • Single point, simultaneous on-mill adjustment of all four guide rollers.
  • Short, insert guiding surfaces to reduce incidences of “pick-up”.
  • Nosepiece for precise guidance into the roll pass.
  • High capacity taper roller bearings.
  • Nitrided and ground steel wear parts for long life.