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DS - Delivery Stripper Series - Friction Guides

Friction Guides : DS - Delivery Stripper Series


The size range of these guides are very extensive and are used in roughing, intermediate and bar finishing mill trains. The ‘X’ version is adjustable for width by the use of spacers and tie-bolts. The ‘stripper’ guides are in pairs, top and bottom, and are secured in position by a “Rocker-Clamp” device. Guide positioning to the mill pass is achieved by releasing the rocker clamp and adjusting the guide to the required position; relative to the roll pass.

Guide Features

  • Unique “Rocker Clamp” system eliminates the need for wedge securing systems.
  • Guide body is available as a one piece or as an expandable box, the “X” version, for varying product widths.
  • Replaceable nosepieces may be used to suit various pass profiles.