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RE-FRS Series - 4 Roller Special Guides

4 Roller Special Guides : RE-FRS Series


This guide is used for the accurate guidance of flat, near-flat and special shapes. The front rollers are reduced in height to allow a close proximity to the receiving roll pass. Inserts are fitted into the nose of the guide to ensure accurate entry into the receiving pass. Guide shoes are supplied with either a flat or shaped profile. This guide is essential for the accurate positioning of sections and the “bullhead” flatinto the first forming pass of most structural shapes.

Guide Features

  • Open top design for easy overhead observation.
  • Optional top cover for product control.
  • Single point simultaneous adjustment to each roller holder/side guide.
  • Accurate control of angles, channels and flat products.
  • Fabricated steel or cast SG iron guide shoes, formed as necessary, to receive the guided product.
  • Operating parts shielded against ingress of mill scale.
  • Integral mill scale wash down ports.
  • Nitrided steel wear parts for long life.
  • High capacity taper roller bearings.
  • Wear resistant cast guide body.